Digital advancement is a shared endeavor

“It takes courage to change!” – this is something upon which all of the participants at a conference of the Group Works Council on digitization agreed. How is digitzation changing our working environment? What characterizes agile organizations? And what does digital advancement concretely look like at Körber? What questions does this raise for works councils?

At a two-day conference in Hamburg, the members of the Group Works Council met with representatives of the Group management, works councils from various Körber companies, and well-known external experts to discuss the opportunities and shared challenges growing out of digital development at Körber. The shared endeavor lies in shaping Körber’s own path of digitization. Digitization will bring long-lasting change to the work environment and thus to jobs. Continually learning will be the key to successfully supporting this process of change.

Central topic for the future: qualification

In this context, qualification is a central topic for the future: Learning to work with new methods not only leads to more responsibility for individual employees. Discovering new things and learning to use them in one’s job in order to constructively contribute is fun and motivating. To help this happen, company management and codetermination must quickly make the right work and communication tools available to support their colleagues in mastering this increasing complexity. “This conference was the first time that many works councils from the Group, not just the members of the Group works council, met. It was the first time that many of them experienced the Chairman of the Group Executive Board, Mr. Seifert, and saw how passionate he is about this topic,” says Sven Sauerbier, Deputy Chairman of the Group Works Council.

Conference of the Group Works Council 2017 - Digitization
Conference of the Group Works Council 2017 – Digitization

“For us, this chance to get to know each other and exchange ideas and experience was very important. The topic of digitization is an enormous challenge that we must meet. This event was a first opportunity to get familiar with the topic and thus now also the signal to stay engaged. What matters to us is that all our colleagues continue to have a good job in the digital world. To make that happen, we’ll have to find creative solutions. As sprints are being talked about everywhere, our task as works council is to make sure that no one is left hanging because they aren’t quite so fast as others.” The outcome of the conference is an agreement between Group management and the Group Works Council to continue regular exchange in the future about progress in digital advancement at Körber.

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